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Playstation 3 question about it freezing?


Every time I play a game on ps3 it will freeze after 20 mins or so for every game. Is there anything I could do to fix the problem? Could I format the whole system? I saw there was a full way and a quick fix I think it was. If I did the full one would it make my ps3 run like new again? I game download demos and play them without it freezing I don’t know if this make a difference but I have this ps3 package. I got it in 2006 or 7

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Also, if I play a ps2 game on ps3 (Manhunt) it will work fine without freezing. I could play for hours on end. As well as downloading demos. Only when I use a ps3 game it will freeze on me. Of course my 2 year warranty ended in December from best buy.

I would really appreciate any help I could get from anyone. Thanks so much.

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  1. Hi! Have you considered fixing it yourself?

    If you wish to fix it yourself, please refer to this article, hope it helps you as i follow their guide and videos and managed to fix my problems such as Yellow/Red/Green light of death and Freezing screen!

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  2. sounds like it might be overheating mate, the ps2 games are much easier on the system. is it in an enclosed space, anythin like that? try getting a fan as well if that is the problem, and move it to an open shelf

  3. your ps3( one of the backwards compatible ones) is prone to YLOD. Yellow light of Death. the cooling compound on the cpu drys up, causing overheating. This specific model also suffers from hard drive crashes. Formatting it will not help. it will only waste your time( 7 hours and 1 minute). you should either get a new ps3 slim- very reliable and do not ever overheat. but you can keep your current system. if you’re gonna do that then you should get a new hard drive. you get more space and it’ll stop freezing up on you. to replace your hard drive you can either take one out of a laptop( any laptop hdd works) or buy one. if you’re buying, i recommend this one.

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    here’s how to replace an old hard drive( just don’t use an USB hdd, any old memory stick will work.)

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    Good luck!

  4. Don’t worry about the YLOD I dont think it is overheating I really think that it is just your blu-ray laser eventually you won’t be able to play any dvd’s or cd’s. You will have to replace it. You can have sony replace it for $150 or you can replace it for $70 or so. Here is a chart to see which one you need.

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    Here is how you do the job yourself. Yours has a ribbon cable attached to the case so I wouldn’t take the cover off so fast just undo the ribbon cable and then lift the cover off.

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    I dont think it is overheating because you can play everything but the Blu-ray.

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