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[Orlando Plays] Final Fantasy: XIV Online PS4 Gameplay – Ep. 1 Character Creation


[Orlando Plays] Final Fantasy: XIV Online PS4 Gameplay - Ep. 1 Character Creation

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 - Gameplay Overview


  1. Is there a weekly payment for this game on ps4 or is that just for pc? I mean after the 1 payment of 29.99?

  2. Hate that I want a game but have no means of playing it, after my PC finally kicked the bucket, I have no way of playing it without the small pay wall and the bigger console pay wall $200-300 bucks

  3. Lol, all the console gamer babies raging because they can't pay monthly for an MMO. Hey kids, this style of game has been around for like 15+ years now, it's nothing new. If you want a game that's regularly updated, has massive amount of content, and is like a living breathing world with tons of other players in it, you USUALLY have to pay to play. Many MMORPGs that have tried and failed to dethrone WoW went FTP with cash shop though. Still, most of the time these games are on PC. It's hilarious to see young console gamers throwing fits about sub fees.

  4. I have this game and have leveled to 50 on pc. I've purchased it on ps4 so I can play it on full graphics…my pc can't run it on full and it seems more fluid and runs better on ps4.

  5. Casters look so boring – so static. I say this after coming back from GW2 where combat is really dynamic.

  6. Good review, but something needs addressed. You claimed XI was a "step back" and XIV started off a bit slow. I don't understand how it's a "step back". A clunky interface no doubt, but I hear "A step back" from MMO players when comparing older games to newer a lot. I have a few questions below for people who claim to be real MMO players.

    1. How is teaming up with friends and partying to conquer strong enemies a "step back" in a MMO? Cause you can't solo all the way through?

    2. How is starting up slowly and getting into a world's lore and getting immersed a "step back"? If you want to skip through everything then maybe RPGs are to mature for you. Maybe Call Of Duty perhaps? lol

    3. How is grinding to achieve something a "step back"? Because it isn't instant gratification? You prefer the easy way every time?

    4. How is leveling slowly so you're not hitting cap in a few days a "step back"?

    5. How is a game not being a mindless action hack'n'slash battle style a "step back"?

    6. How is needing to use your brain to solve a quest or find a NPC through exploration and paying attention for related quests a "step back"? You really prefer the answers always mindlessly given to you?

    7. How is partying with people to gain Exp. a "step back"?

    8. How is being challenged and failing from time to time a "step back"?

    Through out reviews on newer MMO's I hear crap like this. People claiming because they don't "have the time" mainly so it needs to conformulate to their needs. Guess what fools. None of us had "time" back when we played XI or old EverQuest or vanilla WoW in the day. You MAKE time. If you ask me games like E.S.O, current WoW, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR and more are a step back.

    WoW is loosing millions of subs because how casual it has become. E.S.O is a failure. Their goal is to just sell boxes till the game goes under. SWTOR failed. GW2 you hardly ever hear about. All these MMOs now days flopping or disappearing and never meeting expectations. Maybe it's time to take a few pages from older MMOs books honestly when making a game. Go back to the old roots. Stop catering to casual whiners demands and stick to your guns developers. If you don't have "time" then don't play a MMO. To hard? Well play a single player game. Hate grinding and having to communicate with people, well deal with it and gain some social skills before coming into a Massive Multiplayer Online game. Notice what MMO stands for. MMOs now days are just awful. Just god awful and they rarely ever succeed.

  7. His comment about needing to group from the get go in FFXI just isn't true. Even in the vanilla game, you could solo up to Level 10. You just needed to group after that. Can understand why people didn't like it but, for me, it was my first MMO and I loved it. Mostly because I played with some great people. The community was awesome in that game and that's why I spent 2.5 years in Vana'Diel. The game had some real design issues though, I agree with that.

  8. I played the free trial on ps3 about 2 years ago and it was the first mmo that I ever played more than a few hours and I really got into it. I couldn't afford the monthly fee at the time but now that I've got a ps4 and all the great things I've heard about heavensward I am wanting to get back into it. I just don't know if I would play enough to justify paying every month.

  9. hi guys! is this a fun on ps4? this vid gives alot of info and all but I'd like some other opinions, how do you guys like the online interaction with people

  10. I play FF XIV with 30 days free for PS4. How is it that I not get trophies? I do not see trophies in my trophy list. What do I do wrong?

  11. selling my xbox one for $400 and hoping ps4 drops price down. I'm fine buying a refurbished ps4, anything to get Xbox out of my sight.. sick of Xbox being selfish and just recently confirmed there not adding ffxiv.

  12. I have a ps4 but I haven't bought pm plus yet, if I get this game do I have to have ps plus to play? So on top of paying to play I would have to pay ps plus?

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