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Nintendo Whatever happen to you?


The 8-bit consoles ended and it was the beginning of the 16-BIT era with Super Nintendo 1991 Began. I was 3 going on 4 Born in 88 and yes I remember, and as a Toddler I played and was some what gifted at knowing how to play. only Mario of course lol. I remember we didn’t have enough money for Super Nintendo and got it in 92 but before I was rocking Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Mario Bro.s 3. Super Mario World was my first Exposure of the Super Nintendo and I played and played.

The years went on and enjoyed titles like Mortal Kombat, Uniracers, Tetris Attack, Link to the Past, Contra 3, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong, Gradius 3, Mario All Stars, Metroid Prime (Never Passed it), Smash TV, Ninja Turtles Lost in Time, Star Fox, and NBA Jam (Wild Shot! He’s On Fire!!LOL)

So Super Nintendo Really captured my imagination back in the Day. I remember we would have tournaments of Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct in my Living room, I remember Blowing away dust inside the Cartridge or getting Q-Tip, and resetting a lot cuz my dang console would have problems reading the Cartridge lol

It was the Best and it was what every one talked about. Genesis was there but you really didn’t hear. Clearly Nintendo Dominated. and it continued to Dominate the 90’s!! They came up with Nintendo 64 and Blew away the Competition. In 1996 the year that Mission Impossible came out was the same year I would never see games the Same! Thank You Nintendo!

But Nintendo you have Disappointment me and Millions of others. You came Up with the Game Cube and Failed to Crush the Competitors. Xbox was Born and PS2 was easily the best selling Console.

Nintendo you could have been like PS2, you could have been more but I didn’t give up on you! You brought Super Smash Bros. and it was awesome!

Nintendo You Came up with the Wii but then I switched to Xbox. I enjoy playing the Halo Titles and the COD Titles, I love to Compete Online! I love to Play with Friends Online when I want to. It is a different world and Nintendo you have not kept up with us and made Money from the new Breed. Nintendo you became Greedy with Children’s money which is still Arguable how your Wii console made Great sales in for 06′-08′. Parents bought your Wii console because you remained Child Friendly. But what happen? PS3 AND XBOX are now over taking your sales. Nintendo What Happen to you?

I have ignored you Nintendo Because you Ignored me and Millions of others. I have forgotten about you as you forgotten about us in the 90’s how you used to cherish and bring wonder to our little minds. This is why your not #1 this is why you have been receiving punishment lately. If only you thought about us again, if only you can see who brought you to the top. It was not those kids born in the 2000’s it was us in the 90’s that made you who you are today. We are grown up Now some still remember you and WE have Money! we got Jobs and we still remember the Joy you brought us! You abused us and put all the Classics Game to down load to make an effort to make money out of your old beloved fans. Why Nintendo Why! You’ve gone too low.

It is 2012 your new Wii HD or Wii U or whatever you want to call it could be your only chance to come back! I heard claims that finally you will bring 1080p graphics, and a better Online interactivity. But I am not convinced. E3 is around the corner and I am more hyped up for Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo I fear the worst that you may end up being SEGA! Please Remember who you are and remember us the ones that made you who your are.


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  1. Totally agree man. I recommend going back and beating Metroid Prime. Trust me it’ll be worth your time

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