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My xbox wont work pleez help me becuase i dont know whats wrong?


ok so my xbox fell out of my hand while i was moving iit to my room and the first 5 times i tried to start it, it ggot the red rings and call customer support thing, then what i did was i pushed in the hardrive a little more and it worked, then my xbox got slow, every move i make it could hardly wait a minute. my xbox was very very very slow. then i tried some different methods but finnally i signed in perfectly and quick with no problem but.i wasnt on xbox live.it trried then it frozze again!!

i took out the harddrive and then my xbox was fast and perfectly runniing again.i quickly assumed my hardrive was jaked up.was it.then i put it back in and it was slow again.sloww like in it frove for 5 minutes every movemement and i had no live.
so answer this for me please

1. if i buy a new one and recover gamertag.can i get my freinds, maps on halo, campaign records and such.if so what can i lose and keep

2. is it my hardrive thats jaked up

3. will all my buys like a map pack that i wasted money on.can it all be lost and i just lost 40 bucks worth of ms points!@!

4. can i buy a new one

ps i have en xbox elite and my gamertag is jet sof 117

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