Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 wont connect to live?

My xbox 360 wont connect to live?


I have comcast and it is connected to modem.

My xbox keeps saying ip address confirmed but its says dsn server failed. Can anyone tell me what to do.

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  1. Make sure that your Enthnet Cord is plugged into your xbox 360

    and into your Modem correctly. Then restart your modem and wait for it to find connection. Hopefully it should start, and if it doesnt it wouldnt be an xbox problem it would be a problem concerning your monden and its connection. Hope i helped

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  2. solution

    step 1: pick up your xbox360

    step 2: go outside

    step 3: put it on the floor

    step 4: Grab a hammer

    step 5: smash it

    step 6: get a car

    step 7: run over it

    step 8: get the rest of it and throw it in the lake

    step 9: go to walmart, target, bustbuy, circuitcity etc.

    step 10: buy a ps3

    step 11: go home

    step 12: plug it in

    step 13: and be amazed!!

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