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My Xbox 360 live headset isn’t working!?


So I was on matchmaking on Halo 3 and these guys we’re being really annoying so I went to game setting and put “Mute” and then I played and turned my console off. The next time I went on I put it to “Not Mute” and then played but when I was playing I couldn’t talk or hear people. At the bottom – right corner there was a circle with a diagonal line through it. I have 2 headsets and it won’t work for both. can anyone help?

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  1. Its probably broken, went through two of them when I had my 360 :-/ You could try to find one used at a gamestop or something to save yourself some $$$

  2. you drop or throw your controller lately? if so, its probably the controller.

    if NOT; the wires in those sets are paper thin and could easily have snapped or broken with little to hardly ANY tension. in short, they break easily and all the time.

    any cellphone headset with the same size “male end” will work with the 360, trust me; i know from experience. Save yourself 19 bucks and get a 5 dollar headset from walgreens. If it breaks, it was cheap;

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