Home Playstation Forum my ps3 pad has two red lights how do i sort it?

my ps3 pad has two red lights how do i sort it?



  1. Do you mean the controller? It has two red lights (out of four) lit up instead of one? Try resynching it with the USB cord. Turn it off (hold PS button, “turn off controller”). Plug it into the console with the USB and press the PS button again.

  2. if you mean the controller and the 4 lights on the front edge of it. these lights correspond with the number assigned to you controller. If number 1 is lit, it is controller 1, if controller 2 etc, etc. if you have 2 lights lit, add the numbers together and this is the number the controller has been assigned.

    this usually happens if you have other controllers connected or things inserted in the usb slot.

    If you want to re-assign a different controller number to it, press and hold the ps button in the middle of the controller, scroll down to controller options and change the number in there to the one you want.

    If you meant the 2 red lights are on the touch sensitive pad on your ps3 console. Then you could try a soft reset, hold the power button for around 20 seconds, it will beep quite a lot then reset itself or you could switch it off completely at the back of the console. if this doesn’t work. it’s time to ring Sony.

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