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My PS3 Fan blows really loud within 5-10 minutes?


Hi, lately my ps3’s fan has been blowing out like crazy loud really fast and within minutes, also it’s the 160gb fat ps3 that came with the first uncharted, I have never opened up my ps3 but I do try to keep it clean as possible. Should I take it apart and add new thermal paste? I used to play for hours, but than I started playing for only an hour a day because the fan was somewhat loud but now it’s just crazy loud and I don’t even want to play it because I don’t want it to get the YOLD or the RLOD. Any help would be nice. Thanks for your help in adv.

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  1. Mine does it all the time. Get a cooler for it or if it is in a cupboard, take it out and give it some open air. Maybe even open a window or do things that will cool it down.

  2. make sure it well ventilated also might be worth changing the thermal paste / cleaning out the fan the thermal paste sony uses is very cheap the last two i did the paste had gone like chewing gum what was left of it id do it sooner rather then later

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