Home Xbox Forum My Mw2 disc is crack (for xbox 360)?

My Mw2 disc is crack (for xbox 360)?


Ok sooo my Mw2 has a crack in the middle of it, when i put it in my xbox it starts reading it then it takes me back to dashboard sometime it just froze my xbox. if you had this problem before with a diffrent disc or so plz tell me how to fix it. or could i just rent Mw2 at blockbuster and copy in to my xbox? will it work perfectly?

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  1. Get the game from your friend or from Blockbuster.

    Then copy the game to your hard drive. (this step my take a while)

    Now, return the disc (you won’t need it anymore)

    Whenever you want to play the game, put your cracked disc inside your Xbox, and click Y. There should be a selection to play the game from your hard drive.

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