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MLB 15 The Show (PS3) : Gameplay Video for PS3 Version


This is the PS3 Version of MLB 15 The Show

MLB 15 The Show (PS3) : Gameplay Video for PS3 Version


  1. How do you get past the beginning part where it shows you controls and stuff about the game?

  2. u gotta learn how to voice activate ur mic having it active like that while breathing in it with static noice is REALY annoying

  3. I really am starting to hate this game..I have the ps3 version..I dont play online..there is way too many glitches..for one my batter will stand in at the plate waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball after 5 minutes the pitcher still doesn't pitch the ball..another glitch is waiting for a batter to get to the plate..again after a long period of time the batter never shows up..this happens all the time..but when I can actually play it's a great game..

  4. are the swing mechanics different on ps4 than ps3? the follow through i mean. i have ps3 too and eveytime i see a p4 video the follow thru looks so much more fluid im kinda bummed kuz i didnt see that on the list of features left out of the ps3 game

  5. I love the cards, I don't like the friggin reds or braves lol. Although Todd Frazier is a monster.

  6. Next time turn down the volume on the gameplay because I did not understand chit u were saying. All I heard was loud ass gameplay.

  7. paoloo italy,mlb14 the show 5gb ,mlb15 the show 24gb o 5gb ,io ho ps3 12 gb,ce chi dice che la scritta 24 gb per la versione ps3 e un errore,ditemi come stanno le cose

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