Home Videos Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 TU54 – DOUBLE WOODLAND MANSIONS

Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 TU54 – DOUBLE WOODLAND MANSIONS


Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 TU54 - DOUBLE WOODLAND MANSIONS

RIP Xbox 360...


  1. the easiest way you could get them is to create a superflat set the biome to roofed Forrest and turn on designated structures

  2. Can someone answer some questions I have? Is it possible to find the new structures and mobs in worlds generated before this update? Is it possible for new animals to spawn into old previously found chunks? Will this update introduce infinite worlds into console? Thanks for the responses.

  3. I like wooden mansions because you can turn them into your own house and not have to worry about building a lot

  4. Did you know if you name a vindicator "Johnny" it will get out it's axe and kill everything in sight (even fellow vindicators)?


  5. Really though i still play xbox 360 to this year and im thankful for at least having a game console, i would play 360 till the fullest im not gonna ditch it over new gen just cause "better games better graphics" hell no. Xbox brought me into gaming and 360 has kickass games that i would still play today in such a deep year.

  6. I just put my Xbox back on and stole my cousins cod 4 (jk he gave it to me) but Xbox was so much fun playing with friends and cousins

  7. My Xbox 360 broke a couple days ago. It no longer reads discs. Idk if I have to clean the laser but it's broken af

  8. if you get the red ring of death all I had to do was open the trey while it was off and it fixed it

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