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Metallica – One (Lead) | Rocksmith 2014 Custom Song


Metallica - One (Lead)  |  Rocksmith 2014 Custom Song


  1. Rocksmith is the future of tabs, you can learn a song much faster, instead of a sheet you have an ipad.

  2. I'm used to read and play tablature on the fly but I don't know how this works by watching it

  3. That moment when you are trying to show off how good you are by playing Metallia but forgets about the solo….

  4. and what's your game tag? i have 0 friends that dont play my music.and could care less at rocksmyth. 12 achevements. but mostly punk rock

  5. as someone who has played like 20 instruments over the years… I started on guitar and I switched to bass because my god I just can't do what you guys with the magic fingers can do on that guitar. they just don't work that way for me. I see that and I go "well I'm screwed" granted I do know that playing the bass itself is a little slower by nature just by the size of the strings and the distance apart of the strings and frets. but still even on a guitar my fingers don't move that fast. that's delicate work. that being said because of Rocksmith I think I might actually finally learn some songs on guitar which is something I could never do before.

  6. I know this is a dumb question but I'm getting my first guitar soon and I'm gonna be using this, but what does the note at 4:22 mean? It's just a blank rectangle with nothing inside it, are you just strumming without holding down any strings or?

  7. Was playing along and noticed how out of tune my guitar sounded. No matter how I tried, it wouldn't get into tune. So I paused the video and realised it was the uploaders guitar who's terribly out of tune.

    Thanks for reading.

  8. First thing to do when playing this game is flip the strings so that it looks more like actual tab. These are upside down and is confusing as hell.. In my opinon

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