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Madden 07 or Madden 08?


Should I buy madden 08 for my xbox 360 or madden 07 used ($9.99)? is there a BIG difference between the two games? Madden 08 is $59.99 (used for $54.99). which should I get?


  1. Get madden 08. 9.99 for madden 07 is still too much, it’s crap, it doesn’t play like a 360 game at all. Wait a little longer, save up and get madden 08 you won’t regret it.

  2. madden 08′. they made the gameplay much smoother. plus, EA stay consistent at making new gameplay (except NBA Live 07′ lol). Like I always say, i am not a professional jus a fan, so check the reviews and details from the pros buddy.

  3. you should get 08 it has players like vince young and reggie bush and more gameplay moves and better graphics than 07. its worth the price

  4. I agree with Cameron. You should get 08 simply because the rosters are current with some very good rookies. If you get 07, you miss out on Bush, Young and many others. As far as gameplay, I think they are pretty close so you won’t be missing out there. I understand your dilema though. I have the same debate when buying all sports games too!

  5. madden 07 cuz it has the madden 05 controller layout, and cuz the gameplay is btr and more smoother thn 08 but the in between gameplay is awesome

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