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Killer Instinct (Xbox One) Arcade as Orchid


Killer Instinct (Xbox One) Arcade as Orchid


  1. Goodshit man here's my gamertag for Xbox one BEAST KILLA 1996 I'm from PS4 bro I like your video it's tight bro

  2. Fulgore match was tight. so nice to see a genuine play through of a fighter without using hacks and cheats on 'ultra hard' mode.

  3. The narration increases the adrenaline of the game. Excellent game, well thought out. Congratulations

  4. Orchid from the first Killer Instinct was way better than this.
    She turned into a jaguar type of thing and had projectiles

  5. Did anyone else notice that this game is very very easy?! I DL'ed the free version and then thought, "No way I would buy the full version".

  6. Orchid has always been my favorite fighter in this arguably amazing and best fighting game of all time.

  7. I have the definitive edition on xbox one s. How do I find these games? Mine comes with the classic 1 and 2 games. So do I put disc in and then come out of game and choose the other games in my games ? Thanks and great video I thumb up it for you 🙂 Oh and also how do you change their outfits? It takes you to the store and you select a slot but I don't know how to get out of it with my new skins and weapons.

  8. I got excited and surprised when I was at game stop earlier this evening I was looking at the games and I saw this I nearly died of shock to see that they still made it someone told that they did make a new version and was happy now I have seen a copy of this game now I know what to get next time when I go there again

  9. I think I like better in Super Nintendo that's was my shiit I'll buy it again if I found this game on Super Nintendo

  10. I'd rather buy a super Nintendo with the original killer instinct than play this garbage.

  11. why couldn't they ever come out with this game on ps3 or ps4. that sucks……. I am a killer instinct fan this is the only reason I have Nintendo 64 because they never came out with the second one on the SNES…..

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