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Japanese ps3?


Does anyone know if there is any difference at all between the japanese 60gb ps3 and the american/european 60gb ones. Apart from the obvious language which can be changed

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  1. The US and Japan 60GB are identical, except for the region code (not important for PS3 games, but it is for all movie disks and PS1/PS2 games).

    The Eurpoean 60GB model is the same as the US 80GB model (the PS2 CPU is removed in favor of an emulator program), except the hard drive is 20GB smaller.

  2. All PS3 games are region free so that will not matter. The 60GB version for the US is the same as the European model, hardware used for backward compatibility, built-in media card reader, built-in wi-fi, etc.

    the difference between most PlayStation’s 3’s is that some games do not work internationally, ,so their is not really an advantage of getting either one unless you get an international chip with the PlayStation you buy, this chip allows you to play any PlayStation game from any country, the best place to buy the PlayStation is japan as they are the creators of the type 3 model

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