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Is the Playstation Network Good?


I have an xbox 360 i think this is like my 6th time posting questions about the ps3 on here, i wanna sell my 360 for a ps3 but i dont know if its worth it or not. Can you tell me a bit about PSN and the PS3?

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  1. Both are good.

    But PSN has free downloads demo’s trailers and much more.You can also do that with xbox 360 Live or XBL.In Multiplayer xbox 360 live would win since is much better severs and its more widely used.

    But the only catch on xbox 360 live is you pay while PSN is free.But like many people will tell you. ” you get what you Pay” So xbox 360 live is better than psn.

  2. it’s the same really.don’t listen to the fanboys there is millions of users online.you also pay with real money not points we also have games and movies to buy. movies also in available in hd.tons on downloadable content like demo,games,themes,wallpapers and add ons for games you own. we also have trophies (achievements). as long as you have a good connection theres really no lag.

  3. I don’t know anything about xbox live but i can tell you about psn

    – its free

    – 14 million active registered PlayStation Network accounts worldwide

    – rent movies

    – buy movies

    – playstation home

    – trophies

    – ps classics

    – downloadables in dollar amounts not unuser-friendly points

    – free demos

  4. Actually dude, PS3 is better and worth everything.

    You can buy points at the playstation store and download games to your PS3 directly for cheaper prices.

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