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Is it possible to Drift / Powrslide on Grand theft auto in PS3? how?



  1. Yeah, but it’s kind of difficult. I don’t always make perfect drift turns but while you’re driving (R2) hold L2 when turning. X also works but you have to let go at the right time.

    This is how I always drift but I would love to know if there is another way to do it.

  2. What’s up with the Odelette’s answer? Anyway, I love gta iv and finished it to rank 10 online. I used to race online a lot and loved to do drifting.

    For beginners, start with a banshee (the dodge viper lookalike). Do a burnout, by holding the accelerator and brake. Then release the brake. There shud be a lot of smoke. After the car gain a little amount of grip on the road, push the left stick in the direction of the turn. Doing this on a road with many turns can mean u can drift for very long times.

    Better cars to drift with are the muscle cars, i 4get their names.

  3. yes. drive fast.hand break and reverse at same time. drive again while you slightly turn left then right. or right then left depending witch way you wanna turn

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