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Is a Gamestop refurbished XBox worth the money?


Is the $100 Gamestop Refurbished XBox worth the money or will it just die right away? What happens if it does die? Does it have a warranty? Can I buy a warranty for it?

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  1. It depends on your budget and whether or not you are willing to take the risks involved. GameStop will offer you an extended warranty at the time of purchase. If you’re buying a GS refurb, you WILL regret not buying it. I went through 3 GS refurbs over the course of 1 year. The 1st one was a non-HDMI unit which 3RL’d on me after a month and a half. The 2nd and 3rd ones were HDMI units which both went E74 after about 3 months of use. The 4th unit they gave me worked about 1.5 years before I sold it on eBay to buy a new 250GB “S” Kinect bundle. Consoles refurbished by GameStop are considered to be “Tampered” units and are NOT covered by a Microsoft warranty. Therefore, we will *not* repair a GS refurb console, even if you are willing to pay for it. If an Xbox Service Center receives one of these consoles, it will be returned to you unrepaired with a rejection letter. The console will also be marked as such in our systems and future repair orders will not be possible. In my opinion, I’d say go w/a new unit if you can afford it, but if money is tight right now, go w/the refurb as a temporary solution and sell it as soon as you can afford the new version.

  2. You can get a warranty for it, and YES, it is worth it. When GameStop refurbishes a system, they make it look like it just came out of the box.

  3. Usually it’s not worth it but for 100 that’s pretty good. Gamestop gives you 7 days so I sauger it and if your not satisfied return I quick

  4. It comes with a 30 day warranty. But, it may RROD or the console could of been modified and had the console ID number banned from Xbox Live.

    I would just get a new one if I were you.

  5. No it is not because the used Xbox 360 systems that they do sell could have been banned from Xbox live or have been modded or have gotten the red rings of death and they do give you a 30 or 90 day warranty on the system if something should happen during that time frame period without the system it being tampered with that you can take it back with the reciept and they will exchange it with another system of the same type and i think they may sell a extended warranty of them but i aint sure about that since i do buy game systems brand new and not the refurbished ones

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