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IGN Reviews – Madden NFL 12: Game Review


IGN Reviews - Madden NFL 12: Game Review


  1. Not the best Madden all-time, but definitely the best of all the ones made for PS3.

  2. I'm playing madden 15 for the PS3 and connected franchise, the menu and loading are a mess. Madden 15 gameplay is ok but I feel Madden 12 is a good overall package. I'm going back to madden 12. It would be great if another developer could make a football game to rival EA madden. If someone made a decent CFL or Arena Football game I would buy it.

  3. I've played 7 different Maddens and this is my list.
    7. Madden NFL 12
    6. Madden NFL 13
    5. Madden NFL 10
    4. Madden NFL 11
    3. Madden NFL 15
    2. Madden NFL 25
    1. Madden NFL 16

  4. Does the gameplay plays like M13? I hope not it isn't because I kept getting INT which it is sucks for me when I trying to throw long passes.  

  5. What? Lol he's kidding right? You can't possibly say the same exact game as last year with minor tweaks is a 60$ triple A title. This franchise is worse about being the same thing every year than call of duty.

  6. I have 2 say that a lot of peeps r right this by far is a better game, no repeated cutscenes or players that levitate. The crowd only cheers when the home team scores, celebrations, cheerleaders. If the menus are a let down then hop back into a game & all is well again. What happen stEAl cuz if its in the game, then it was in the game…I heard M15 gets the new beta engine from 13 n 25 its now at 2.0

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