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If I buy a ps3, what kind of controller will it have dualshock or 6 axis?



  1. it would be a DS3 caz the one that was just sixaxis was discontinued with the release of the DS3

  2. It’s written on the box. I bought a 160GB one and got the DS3. I even saw that all 80 GB PS3’s had DS3 written all over the boxes, so it’s safe to assume that nearly all PS3 now have a DS3 controller. Just check it on the box. Anyways, it’s also written on the controller itself.

  3. If you buy the Playstation 3 now it comes with the Dual Shock 3 controller (which has sixaxis capabilities).

  4. If you buy the 80GB or 160GB models (not preowned) then you should have the Dualshock 3 which is an upgraded version of the Sixaxis (added vibration feature and controller feels more sturdy)

  5. Newer Models of the PS3 gives you a Dualshock 3

    Older Models (if your lucky to get one) then they give you a Sixaxis

  6. as everyone has stated, if you buy one now (and for the last few months i believe) it is the “official” Dualshock 3 controller – but it comes with Sixaxis capabilities. Which means all new models have rumble feature, although some games may require a download patch to have access for the use.

  7. all new controls are dualshock but it still has the sixaxis only the older systems have the sixaxis unless they sold it for a new dualshock one

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