Home Playstation Forum I want a good racing game for the ps3, suggestions?

I want a good racing game for the ps3, suggestions?


I want a racing game that is like kinda like a rpg in a way? Like I want to buy a car and keep it and keep making it better leveling up and stuff and it would be sorta like a fast and the furious sort of thing. Also it has to be on ps3

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  1. Sir, it sounds like you need BLUR!! it looks amazing and just what you want. you can use weapons on other cars. you can get hit by weapons from other cars. you can die. you can kill other cars. yeah, get it!! the online is pretty awesome

  2. Was disapointed with Gran Tourismo 5, Need for speed shift has always been a fave, shift 2 was released last week. certainly worth a look.

  3. You’re looking for a game like Midnight Club: Los Angeles, which allows you to upgrade your car as you progress with better handling, engine upgrades, chassis upgrades, etc.

    You can also have multiple cars, and change the looks of them as well with paint, body kits, height, etc.

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