Home Playstation Forum how much will i get for used ps3 games?

how much will i get for used ps3 games?


Gta 5


assassins creed 3

Nhl 14

Fifa 14

Arkham city

Skate 3

Black ops 2

Black ops 1

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  1. David is exaggerating a bit, but he’s correct that Gamestop doesn’t pay much for games – even recent and popular ones like GTA5.

    They may not even accept the sports games because they get so many used copies of those already.

    If you don’t want the hassle of Craigslist of eBay, I’ve used Glyde with good results. Glyde has a master list of prices, so you just list what games you have and they’ll tell you how much it’ll sell for. When one of your games sells, Glyde mails you an envelope. Put the game in the envelope and drop it in the mail. When the game arrives at the buyer’s house your account is credited. You can use your credit to buy games from other Glyde users, or ask for a check. Glyde deducts postage (about $3) and 10% of the sale price. So for instance, if a game sells for $10, you get $6. More than what you’d get from Gamestop but not as much as what you’d get from eBay. Then again, you don’t deal with customers either – that’s Glyde’s job.

  2. You will get them for a grand total of $2 dollars when you return them at Gamestop.

    Power to the players my asshole.

  3. I can tell you what each is worth used if you get the highest prices buyers are willing to pay , there’s a site the tracks used game prices based on selling prices on ebay and craigslist and these are the high end of the selling prices , they could go for less and the numbers are usally a month old since it takes them time to get prices and calculate what they sold for so they might be lower than posted on the site

    gta5 , $21.57

    mw2 $1.91

    black ops $9,43

    black ops 2 $15,65

    arkham city $5.53

    assassins creed 3 $5,65

    fifa 14 $15

    nhl 14 $14,30

    skate 3 $13.37

    add those up and you have a good idea what you might get , if you trade them in at a store though you are going to get way less – probably not more than $30 for all of them

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