Home Xbox Forum How much is my Xbox 360 worth? (Urgent)?

How much is my Xbox 360 worth? (Urgent)?


My Xbox 360 is the Slim model, 250 GB, about 2 years old, and comes with 10 games. The games are Black ops, MW3, MW2, CoD WaW, BF3, GTA IV, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Halo Reach, Halo 3 ODST, and Skyrim. It will come with all that, a 3 ft. braided HDMI cable, the cable that came with the xbox, the original box, a controller with the play and charge kit, and of course all the cables needed.

How much would all of this be worth?

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  1. i work in a game/console shop in the uk and we would probably sell all of that for about £1-80 to £2-30

  2. A pawn shop or gamestop would probably offer you a crackhead price of 100$.

    I’d say you’d get around 200 for it. The games are dated now and the only ones worth anything would be BF3 and Skyrim.

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