How long did it take to get your Xbox repaired?

How long did it take to get your Xbox repaired?


My Xbox got the red ring of death so I shipped it off to get it repparied. How long did it take them to fix yours?

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  1. it can take from one month to 3 months. it happened to my friend. but when i got it i Just used to towel trick to fix it.

  2. This is a common question that I’ve answered in the past. Please find my prior experience below. This is common for the two times Ive sent my system back:

    I just got my Elite 360 back today due to a RROD type issue. My system was delivered to MS on 07/23/08, and they shipped it back on 07/30/08. Since they send it UPS Ground, I didn’t receive it until today, 08/05/08, due to UPS halting on the weekend.

    Keep in mind that there are two possibilities. If the system is beyond repair, you will get a refurbished unit, where they ship you a system much faster. Mine had to be refurbished, which is typical of a RROD type service. If they can fix the issue without sending a refurbished unit, I have read where it can take much longer. Total turnaround time was about 2 weeks.

    Also.they will extend your warranty by one year, and provide a 1 month free XBox Live Gold card. Details will be in the returned box.

  3. well once the box got to the warehouse it took about 2 weeks then they shipped it back which takes a few days.

    but that was the first time i had it repaired. the 2nd time they deleted my repair order then for some reason i couldnt make a new repair on that device

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