Home Playstation Forum How do you set up a playstation 2 to a newer tv?

How do you set up a playstation 2 to a newer tv?


So I have a playstation 2 that I want to set up but I can only get the audio and no video. Any suggestions? All I have are the standard cables that came with it.

PS: sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

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  1. Find the composite video input on your new TV (check the manual – it may be in the front.) Plug in the cables by matching the colors of the port and plug.

    Some TVs share the composite video input with the component video input. If your TV does this then you’ll need to plug the yellow cable (video) into the green video port.

    Another option is to buy a component video cable. The PS2 and PS3 use the same AV cables so you can just buy the PS3’s component cable kit and use that.

  2. Check if your TV has composite inputs (Yellow for video, white and red for audio). That´s the only way those cables will work. I see there are none on the rear, perhaps to the sides?

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