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How do I use this Xbox code?


OK, so today I was given an American 400 microsoft point ($5) code for Xbox. I live in the UK and have a UK Xbox. I tried redeeming it but it says the code is not valid because I don’t live in the US. I tried looking on the internet for away around it and some people said to change my locale to United States. I tried it again and it still didn’t work. Most people said to just make a new account on Xbox but make the country of that account United States. I tried this and when I redeemed the code on this account it worked and I got the $5 on this American account. But when I try to buy a game/DLC with it it says, ‘This game’s region does not match this console. It won’t be downloaded, and you have not been charged.’ How can I buy something with it?

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  1. You’ve done what you needed to do as far as getting the $5 redeemed.

    After that, some games are region locked and cannot be purchased outside the local country. If you haven’t switched your locale back to the UK, try that first. Otherwise, you need to find something else you want to buy that isn’t region locked.

  2. Sorry, but you can’t use a US code in the UK. It’s common sense. You could try to create a american account on the XBOX website and download a game or other items like that. But other than that you really don’t have any other method that will work. Sorry.

  3. I found those answers are not reading or answering.

    He said he had a US MSP which does not work on a UK account, and he has ALREADY FIXED it with a US account, which is the correct way.

    The ops is having difficulty to download now.


    xbox games and DLC on marketplace are either:

    a. region free to all consoles, accounts

    b. region locked to either country accounts or console

    c. region locked to certain country accounts and console

    Obviously the ops is case c:

    he said:

    ” This game’s region does not match this console ”

    Which means the certain game is not available to his PAL console/.

    Yes, some games are restricted to certain console format too

    For instance, you hold a NTSC-U/C or PAL console, create a Japan account and download the Japan version of Catherine, it won’t let you and pops up the same error. Simply because the Japanese version of Catherine is licensed to Japan exclusively.

    Most games and DLC are licensed worldwide while some aren’t. This isn’t a surprise.


    use a NTSC-U/C console as they require, no other options

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