Home Playstation Forum how do i put songs on my ps3 with usb/flash drive.?

how do i put songs on my ps3 with usb/flash drive.?


i want to put songs on my ps3 with usb/flash drive, but when i plug in my flash drive it doesnt show the import songs thing like it use to. i have the newest update for ps3 and my flash drive is plugged in. the light on my flash drive is blinking. is there another way to get songs on there with flash drive.?

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  1. All you need to do is press △ , select show all to view your files and press △ again to copy them to the ps3.

    You have something confused , the important songs option is to rip off a cd or copy off certain mp3 players , to copy from a flash drive you use the copy option.

    Only songs that don’t have copy protection / drm are able to be copied so any music from itunes is not transferable to a ps3.

  2. The PS3 only looks for files that are presented to it in a very specific way.

    With your PC create a folder named PS3

    Create another folder called MUSIC (All caps)

    Put the MUSIC folder inside your PS3 folder. Put your albums in the MUSIC folder

    it should go PS3 >>> MUSIC >>> your albums

    Load itonto the flash that way and there shouldn’t be any other issues.

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