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How do I listen to music through my xbox?


I want to listen to music while I’m playing Skyrim because walking around can get boring, I have tried using my ipod nano (4th gen) and my Android phone but none of them seem to work. Is there any other way I can try? Or if there’s an app for the android can someone please tell me? Thank you

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  1. If you have Xbox Live sign into Xbox.com and download an optional update: [url is not allowed].

    Once you have done that your Ipod should be recognised. Then go on the Xbox Guide (Press the Xbox button on your controller), go to the media tab (one to the right) then select your music.

  2. Go to this link: [url is not allowed] to download the optional update for your Xbox. You can listen music from your Ipod. If your computer and your Xbox are in the same network, you can listen to music that is stored in your Hard Drive. To do this, you press the Xbox (middle) button on your controller, and go one right. Go to the icon that says “Select Music” then, you select your computer or device that the music is stored in. Then, click on the song/album you want to listen to. PS: You might want to lower, or mute the sound from your game as two voices at the same time could be annoying.

  3. Put ur.music on a memory stick.and put it in the back and go to play music, then go to memory drive and play it.

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