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Help with Xbox 360 hard drive?


Why do you need such big Xbox 360 hard drives? Would getting the new 4GB Xbox 360 be okay if I would want to play online games. I would download map packs and all that stuff but how much space do they take up? I don’t want to save games to the hard drive because I would have the discs.I wouldn’t be downloading games/movies/music online.

And could someone explain the disadvantages of the Xbox Arcade which looks a bad but I want to know.

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  1. I would highly recommend getting a hard drive. You are going to need it. A lot of the stuff you are going to download such as videos add-ons, map packs take up a good amout of space. I have 120 gigabytes of space and it is just works. Dont get the 4gb model. You are just going to end up buying a hard drive later on anyway. save your self the money and time. Buy the 250 gb model.

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