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Help with hooking up Xbox Live?


Hi, I have recently been trying to hook up my Xbox Live with a wireless adapter and I have been having some difficulties.

When I plug in my Wireless Adapter the light is SOLID green.

Then, I try to hook up to Xbox Live. I select wireless setup and I go on my Wireless Network and then I do a test connection and it doesn’t even hook up into the internet. It does

Xbox 360 79603 (my connection) then after a few seconds it fails.


P.S. – I have perfect internet connection

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  1. You may be experiencing port forwarding issues. Make sure ports UDP 88, UDP 3074, and TCP 3074 are open. If not, call your Internet Service Provider and ask them to open them.

  2. Put your adaptor aerial up vertically or try seeing if it plugged in correctly. Similar problem happened to me

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