Home Playstation Games Hellblade on PS4 – We Hear About It First!

Hellblade on PS4 – We Hear About It First!


Hellblade on PS4 - We Hear About It First!


  1. games like heavenly sword and enslave plus DMC man these guys will go nuts with this one i cant wait for this to come out…she might actually replace the Lara Croft for me lol

  2. It's a strong female character with a sword – any connection to Heavenly Sword?  "no, it's an entirely new IP" Hmm.

  3. i translated the sentence on the sword (at least half of it)
    and it was DMC DON'T SUCK lol good try NT, but you can't erase the hate from the BS that you've made by changing DANTE

  4. well I checked Wikipedia and its not coming to Xbox one or PC it's a ps4 exclusive like Heavenly Sword it's a AAA game like the Last of Us they're putting a lot of time and money in the graphics

  5. If Sony's back them up I hope it has the same graphics as the Last of Us so far so good keep up the good work guys!

  6. Why didn't they simply continue with Heavenly Sword 2? There were a lot of fans of the first one and it was already established.

  7. What happened to the Girl with the blue hair in that teaser 🙁 that looked so awesome.

  8. Unless you loved DMC this is probably going to be crap. Sounds like it's going to be a reskin of DMC with very similar gameplay.

  9. I was really excited to see a new game coming from Ninja Theory. Love their art style and their stories, the gameplay can sometimes be a little wobbly as can the frame rates, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do on these new consoles. Enslaved is my favourite out of the bunch. 

  10. I really hope the combat doesn't end up being like Dark Souls or Lords of the Fallen. It's just not my thing but this game looks fantastic!

  11. i want a remaster of Heavenly Sword in 1080P 60FPS with full trophy support!!!!
    do this for us Sony!!!!

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