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have i Had my xbox live hacked?


everything was fine until a few days ago when i attempted to sign in and it came up with an error message saying they believe someone else is using my account and that i should go online and verify that it is my account, although when i checked with my friend if anyone had signed onto my account it said last online 4 days ago, which is when i was last online. i tried to verify my account online and basically the only options outlook gave me was to get a code sent to my recovery address or fill out a form of details about my email. so i attempted to log onto my recovery address but it said that it doesn’t exist and i haven’t deleted it or anything like that. the only think i can think of is the recent change from Hotmail to outlook but i haven’t done anything out of the ordinary and i cannot access my email address atall because they have blocked it so i tried to fill out the details and i got a reply 24 hours later explaining that i hadnt put in enough information and that i needed more i have literally no idea what to do 🙁 someone please help!

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  1. Xbox Live really likes to ask for more information to make your account more secure, and it has bugged me a lot recently. I don’t think you have been hacked, it is most likely Xbox Live wanting more info. About your email change, I think you can fix that if you go to the Microsoft website and change your account.

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