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Ha Ha Shame! Monster Hunter 3 is coming out on Wii not PS3 because it is rubbish! Suckers! How do you feel?



  1. Uhhh.no. It’s on Wii because it is far easier/cheaper to make a Wii game than a PS3 game, and as such, if they had left it on PS3, it would have surely not turned a profit, since Monster Hunter is a rather niche title.

    Same reason you see very little branching out of a few genres on PS3 and 360: it’s too much of a financial risk if it bombs.

  2. The other guy is right. Had it have been on PS3, it may not have sold well. Here is a sales figure, it sold about 1.5 million already, and it isn’t even out in America yet (only in japan.) If they make it on PS3 and it fails, Capcom will lose a lot of money, because PS3 games take about $70 to make. Wii games only take about $30 to $45 to make. It is too big of a risk.

  3. theres a reason why wii games arent on ps3 and vis sersus. Wii can’t handle ps3 games. Because graphics suck. I would like to see how bad graphics will be when it comes out.

  4. how do you feel, know that the Monster Hunter series gets most of its sales from the PSP.

    Monster Hunter 3, really?!! Thats the Wii’s next big game?!!


  5. Monster Hunter. yeah.

    I seen that title around not sure really if the Wii is served well with it but it will be 10x as good as the usual Wii CrapWare.

    Not a bad move going from a platform where there are so many good games that a title as Monster Hunter gets a bit snowed down. To a platform with so much crap on a platter that any title that performs decent is like winning gold in a very very very special olympics.

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