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GTA 5 “PS4 vs Xbox One” Graphics Comparison! (1080p) [GTA V]


GTA 5 “PS4 vs Xbox One” Comparison! (Graphics, Lighting, Details & Shadows) [GTA V 1080p]
Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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GTA 5 “PS4 vs Xbox One” Comparison! (Graphics, Lighting, Details & Shadows) [GTA V 1080p]
GTA 5 “PS4 vs Xbox One” Comparison! (Graphics, Lighting, Details & Shadows) [GTA V 1080p]



  1. PS4 graphics remind me to be a environmentally friendly person . Look at all those greenery stuff and endangered animals . We barely see them in the real life.

  2. Xbox legit looks like last gen because of how little foliage it has. it cant handle the graphics that PS4 can so it makes up by adding more contrast and brightness. also the inconsistent frame rates of the Xbox compared to the PS4 shows how superior Sony is compared to Microsoft consoles. Microsoft should stick to computers. seriously.

  3. the only reason why XBOX ONE looks " BETTER " is because the colours and contrast is pumped up as it can't handle the better graphics and grass and foliage like how the PS4 can. overall the PS4 is a far better and far superior console. sorry XBOX fangirls.
    Xbox fangirls be like but. but… we have a brighter screen…

  4. ps4 and pc ftw and xbox sucks. I don't care if the xbox has more colors or whatever, your just trying to make your console look better.

  5. Xbox has more colour apparently but it has a less powerful GPU




    So software>Hardware???

  6. EVERYONE I've played both and yes Xbox one has something ps4 don't but ps4 has something Xbox don't they both are good I just played the systems for the game

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