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Gran Turismo 5 Video Review


IGN gives its video review of the PS3 exclusvie GT5. IGN played Gran Turismo 5 until the tires fell off, now here’s our video verdict on the impressive car simulator.

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Gran Turismo 5 Video Review

Gran Turismo 5 Video Review

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  1. Went back to this game after spending frustrating hours on F1 2014. At least with this game you have a sporting chance of getting a place or a win.

  2. The best Gran Turismo in my opinion, even better than 6. Honestly, this game romanticizes cars, as well as exposes the beauty of driving and racing. Something, somewhat lost in GT6. Its an amazing game.

  3. I remember getting this game for Christmas the year it came out, and man, that feels so long ago.

  4. I'm a level 23 (just started playing two weeks ago) can people still donate cars or money to other players?

  5. Excuse me about my English. I like this game but the most frustrating thing about it is the fact that almost for the each competition I need to have some particular car. So I need to make a money winning the same previous races once and once again just to play in some new track. For example to play on France 80s championship I need five more times to win in Rome (where i 've qualificated already).
    That why I stopped play this decent but boring game

  6. I can't believe he didn't mention the stupid paint chips… my goodness that's one of the worst things about this game… As for the racing throne, I'm pretty sure Project Cars and to a degree Driveclub has claim to that much before GT

  7. I actually really liked this game. I will agree that the menu system was somewhat redundant, but other then that this game was loads of fun.

  8. Why does this game look so sharp. It isn't just this it's other games that ign has review up till 2011. Are they using different cables?

  9. You IGNorant people gave this a higher school than Mortal Kombat x, but bashed this game all review ??

  10. I like GT5 ALOT! but I'm giving this video a thumbs down because IGN fucking suck, I hope they burn in hell

  11. IDK why, but I enjoy racing games like this, where you actually race, I've been a big racing game fan, ever since I've played NFS Underground 2 on my PS2 for the first time! 😀

  12. I've had GT3 for years and want to get into it, but can't be bothered to grind the same races over for a few measly credits. I've played GT5 for over a year and im so close to finishing it. As a beginner to this series I thinks its incredible and easy enough to get into. Up until the extreme races it's been among the most memorable gaming experiences of my life.

  13. I loved GT 3 soooooooo much and I'm seriously considering buying GT 5. Is it really worth it?

  14. My brother bought this one but the steering wheel is on the right side of the vehicle n I kinda hate it, I mean I don't know if that is depending on what car I bought though…

  15. Wait… Hold the Fudge up… At 2:07 in the video, it shows a Nissan at the Top Gear track but its morning and the track is wet..??? That's not even in the game

  16. Gt5 just feels so. Empty… There wasn't even a story! Which makes it an arcade game, not a sim. Same story indeed with the graphics. And there was no proper damage engine, so it just felt unrealistic. Bad rep for the cars involved? Just make ducking analogs then!

  17. when you are actually on the track racing this is great, mostly, but trying to get a damn car thats eligible is a nightmare and the menus are abysmal! euggh!

  18. GT5 is a boring rehash, the graphics make it look like a cartoon. It has lazy written all over it, they just want your money.

  19. Why is there a spoiler warning? I really can't imagine someone going..
    "What! You can drive cars in this game! Thanks for ruining it for me Gamespot."

  20. You must have bad internet or at the time a bad internet connection ! It took me no more than 2 hours to install all updates and the full 9 GB install !

  21. It's not even installing for me. Every single time it comes up with an error code. It's the only game I own that refuses to install therefore rendering it unplayable =/

  22. Actually, it's even better than that. They say they're working to improve the sounds in GT6 (hopefully better than GT5), and they're fixing jagged edges and textures on standard cars.

  23. Yea lol, i think they're still keeping the sounds the same and damage modelling too, just adding 200 extra cars i guess :/, but atm Forza 5 does look awesome, physics are probably GT standard now (finally), and it hasnt got any rivals as far as i know for next gen consoles

  24. Speaking of standard and premium cars, I hope that they'll be able to make ALL the cars premium (like Forza) by GT7. But knowing Polyphony, is that too much to ask for? If they manage to achieve that landmark, I will stay on my Playstation for the rest of my life.

  25. Yea even the UI is all over the place, if they scrapped the standard cars and just stuck with premium, they could used that time to focus on damage modelling or something, then it could've been pretty much the best sim for this gen consoles, i just dont think i'd enjoy playing it that much, although im not a hardcore sim lol

  26. That's true, but there were also some design choices that were just bad regardless of how long the game was in development.

  27. They had double the time of Forza to develop this, probably why people are a bit disappointed. Anyway they're both exclusives. Fm 5 vs GT 6 should be good 🙂

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