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GameStop $1 Challenge! Wii PS3 and 360 Games


GameStop  Challenge! Wii PS3 and 360 Games

Playstation 3 80GB Unboxing (Gamestop Refurbished)


  1. I used to rent the PS2 version of At Worlds End from my local video store all the time when it originally came out and thought it was pretty fun.

  2. I just started doing this too, and just picked up 2xtreme, I think at some point as a collector you say screw it and just buy everything that looks decent.

  3. I thought at worlds end was really cool, but I have the PC version so no waggles for me lol.

  4. I never understood what the difference is between a black label game and greatest hits. Do they not play exactly the same? So who cares about the color of the label. Am I missing something here?

  5. I've had a ps3 40gb one but it failed to read discs so I had a free upgrade to the 80gb one and I love it so it was great keeping the receipt from the CEX in the UK

  6. I imagine a game released in 2013 should run on one of these older systems? I have no interest in a PS3 but for only one game. So I'd just get what ever cheap system I can get.

  7. homies should i buy a pstv or a ps3 refurbeshed?i already waiting for ps4neo but i dont like the waiting game.

  8. esa pley es re vieja jaajjja porq no te compraste la pley 4 aora todos los juegos van a salir para la ps4 lol

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