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Funk of Titans

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  1. If Funk of Titans was converted to a movie Craig Robinson would be PERFECT for the role of the main character! LOL 

  2. Why don't you just make a Binding of Isaac for the Xbox One than this kind of weird platformers…

  3. See…. I like the idea but, this looks like it was designed by a 40 year old black man (not being racist) who wanted to get into video gaming. Very cheap looking game.
    I think we all can compare a lot of games with this same platforming formula. Looks like a skin. Like seeing flappy bird or angry bird copy's all over but, still the same game. Brand sells. Slap Mario, Banjo Kazooie, or Call of Duty on it and it might raise some eyebrows. Same formula remember.
    Still a good idea for a character and world.

  4. Did they just make an Earthworm Jim clone with a dancing mini game and an uninteresting everything else???

  5. this kind of theme would have been acceptable in the 80s
    this kind of gameplay would have been acceptable in the 90s
    these graphics would have been acceptable on the ps2 

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