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Flight Combat Simulator: Over-G Fighters


Available for dirt cheap! buy at GameStop. Taking a look at the closest X-Box 360 combat flight simulator has ever come to, Over-G Fighters (still obviously made for the Playstation, haha!!).
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Flight Combat Simulator: Over-G Fighters


  1. these guys did bad marketing for the game because I would of bought it for 360 back then. I just had no idea it existed.

  2. hell ya. let me hook everything up cause I'm on the xbox one. I'm still in hs so I'll be on later in the afternoon.

  3. All right i'm raring to blackout lol, My gamer tag is (StarMilk35022) I've got Blue Angels & ThunderBirds

  4. Iv now
    Moved on to dcs world and falcon bms but I always thought over g fighters was way better then ace combat it has more realistic elements best flight sim for a console

  5. The so called "dog fight" that you started into toward the end was with your own wing man lol

  6. This is my favorite game to play on the Xbox 360. It's a true shame that this game was the last of the energy force series

  7. Also if you still play this and your still struggling I can teach you some tips and tricks

  8. I still play this game I love it along with birds of steel they are the best flight simulators for console, shoot me a friend request if your on the 360 my gt is Sup3rSonicBoOm

  9. people still play online if you come on at the right time of the day, those people know everything about evading, i ve had this game since day 1

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