Home Videos Final Fantasy XIV – Top 5 Reasons to Play (PS4/Review/Gameplay)

Final Fantasy XIV – Top 5 Reasons to Play (PS4/Review/Gameplay)


Final Fantasy XIV - Top 5 Reasons to Play (PS4/Review/Gameplay)


  1. If only we were able to use Beam (Mixer) on the PS4, would make our lives so much better. 10-20ms delay is killing me on my streams.

  2. So I got a PS4 recently, and I've been debating on getting this. My friends and I were big Phantasy Star Universe fans, and it broke our hearts when it died. A few of my coworkers play this game and say it's somewhat similar to PSU. How true is this?

  3. While I do play FFXIV already and you hit all the nails on the head its good to see a current (as of 2017) video.

  4. I just came across this game by looking around the store and I just want to know if I have my ps plus subscription do I have to worry about buying another subscription for this game or is it free with ps plus subscription?

  5. Is this game still alive? I just got a PS+ membership and interested in this game. Is it possible to play alone if the game is dead?

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