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Fast & Furious: Showdown – All Cars | List [HD]


Fast & Furious: Showdown - All Cars | List [HD]


  1. this game came out WAY before the other F&F movies did
    but they could have put in the skyline

  2. The car availability is quite limited, it seems. Also, the graphics of them are what seems to be on par with PS2. Kiiiinda disappointing… :/

  3. This game is pure garbage. Brians Skyline or GTR aint even in this even tho it was in the movie? Activision & Firebrand fail hard….

  4. why are there only chrysler products? where are the other cars such as the ones from say, Tokyo Drift?

  5. There's Not Many Cars In The Game, I'm Not Sure, Should I Buy The Game Is It Worth The Money?

  6. Plus the XNN 233 is basically just ripped from Burnout Revenge as the Works R170 ST.

  7. 0:24 Its suppose to be "SRT Viper GTS" not "Dodge Viper SRT8". Was Activision even paying attention?

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