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Fable 3-Money Cheat! (NEW 2017) XBOX ONE!


Fable 3-Money Cheat! (NEW 2017) XBOX ONE!


  1. btw when you play any xbox 360 game that is backwards compatible it also shows the old 360 dashboard for all the people who dont know

  2. I never had xbox live on my one xbox and when I do this it doesn't have the patch that makes it save, so you don't have to do all the excess bullshit to get it to work

  3. Ok, unlike others have stated this will NOT work on Xbox One. Everytime I try to use the second controller to sign into another profile, it states I have to sign in to the profile on the Xbox Home Screen.

  4. So you have to have another Xbox account to do this? Cuz ?I keep trying and it won't let me do it with a second player guest. I'm gonna try again though now that I made another character and see if that's the problem.

  5. Oh so you have to sign out? Okay the other vid I watched acted like you reject it etc but he wasn't getting a save prompt like I was. So hopefully this works now. I think this is game is alright but the whole money thing at the end is a right pain in the arse. I played so much lute in brightwall I snapped and killed everyone and now some of them fear me so much they flee :/

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