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Enchanted Arms Quick Review


Enchanted Arms Quick Review


  1. Wow this took me over 72 hours to beat…most of that I'm sure is from lvling up, I'll say this now F THE QUEEN OF ICE!!!!!!!!! Near the end she gets so unfair in 1 fight I was forced to lvl up and use the casino trick. THAT.FIGHT.IS.HOW.YOU.DO.A.RPG.BATTLE.WRONG! It was too unfair and I shouldn't have been forced to CHEAT to lvl up.

    Lucky now after getting over lvl 50 and using over 9,99999 Parameters boosters, I defeated her. But that's just 1 fight, I agree this game isn't perfect but I do think the characters are the strong points.

  2. I loved Enchanted arms. The golem designs and basic golem battles where fluent, and the boss battles where pretty good. The combat system was a lot better than with strategizing rather than spamming the attack button. Graphics wise I really don't mind, as long as I can enjoy the gameplay. But one thing that took m out of the game was the constant Golem battles. Its like I take one step, and im fighting another golem! XD Its a lot better than what people consider "Strategic RPG" today, especially Final fantasies lack lustered battling…

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