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Dungeon Twister ps3 gameplay commentary


Dungeon Twister ps3 gameplay commentary


  1. Sorry, but this isn't a commentary, it's a load of gibberish and other random sounds you've added to footage of the game. You want subs, then try making sense and offering something that people want to hear instead of the drivel you've put on this vid.

  2. Talk less crap or give an opinion about the game. No random sounds and shit.maybe then people will sub.

  3. you have finally realised that ign is a joke… well soon you may even realise that so is the news..tv…internet and pretty much everything you are told is a giant lie…enjoy life

  4. Useless commentary! You sound confused, like you're wearing a giant diaper and have flies around you.

  5. I'm conviced, gonna get this and Rainbow Moon on 10th July. There is a shortage of strategy games on PS3 (my favorite genre plus RPG). Did you read IGN's review? The reviewer destroyed this game just saying bad things about the game, gave 3 out of 10. They gave GTA 4, 10 out of 10 and I got bored with the game on the first day.

  6. Another question before I buy it: How is the AI? I'm asking these because im not a fan of online gaming.

  7. The game looks fun but how is the single player mode? Do I get training scenarios and then it's multiplayer only?

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