Home Xbox Forum does anyone still play gta?

does anyone still play gta?


does anyone actully play gta 4 on xbox 360 online cos when i go to play online it seems that every one dissappears.

.if anyone wants a game of anything hit me up

Gamertag – emokid1989
i can definately play with people my friend plays when hes not playin cod4 :@. dammit i want that game

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  1. I do but sometimes i dont. its kinda boring. it may be you. you may not be compatable with anyone else causing them to get booted from the game

  2. lmfao and people say that ps3 online is crap

    i find people all the time on my ps3

    i mean dont get me wrong i like xbox’s seen as i own one but the ps3 is just as good online

  3. i do even though it’s not mine it’s my sister and her fiances but they let me go on it. good game =)

  4. I do but not often online. My gamertag is shtonton92 if you ever wanna play. i haven’t been on lately though. when ever i do go online though there is always a full game.(well, most of the time)

  5. Your so rite, i was on grand theft Auto 4 the other night and noone was on the thing.was hoping for a game of Cops and Robbers or Mafia jobs but nothing.

    Didnt think everyone would of got bored of it so soon.guess everyone went back to COD4 and halo 3.

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