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Do you need Both router and a modem for online play with the 360?


HEres the deal we don’t use our router because for some reason we can’t get the internet to work with it so what we do is hook the modem up the the computer and that’s how we get our internet.So basically can we get wireless or wired online play with out the router?
I mean with a wireless connection is a ROUTER NECESSARY AT ALL TIMES!?

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  1. I dont know if it is like this on the newer ones, but im pretty sure any cord that you plug into your computer to get internet to it, there should be a plug on the back of your xbox, just plug that same cord from the same place into that plug. it should work the same

  2. Well, yes, but you’d have to disconnect your computer.

    You’d take the ethernet cable out of the computer and plug it into the xbox instead.

    You’d only be able to use one at a time. I’d look into a new router if I were you. If you’re going to connect everything via ethernet cable rather than wireless even a cheap D-Link router would have you good to go.

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