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Dirt 3 – Let’s Play – Part 1 – [Alpinestars Trophy] – “Don’t Need VIP”


Dirt 3 - Let's Play - Part 1 - [Alpinestars Trophy] -

DIRT 3 (PS3) Ep.1 - El universo del Rally || Día del motor #6 || Gameplay en Español HD


  1. I need to get this for my ps3. Just to wait till dirt 4 comes out for the ps4. I forgot all about these games. do they work with the wheels.. I have the Logitech pro. The one they used to push for GT4 when the PS3 launched.

  2. For whatever reason, I cannot complete this game. I love the racing aspects, the derby, the figure 8's, but the drifting and what not I don't get how to do and I don't personally enjoy it .

  3. I'm more partial to Grid 2. This game is stupid hard and I doubt I'll ever have the patience.

  4. jugas peor que un viejo hermano! todo ayudado jugas, no sirve eso la idea es derrapar usar el freno de mano

  5. Generacion actual gracias a vos me pille dirt rally de playstation 4. Me a gustado mucho, viendo tus videos me decidi por dirt rally, gracias

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