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Dead Island Definitive Edition Infinite Exp and Money Glitch 2016


Dead Island Definitive Edition Infinite Exp and Money Glitch 2016


  1. When can i do this glitch? Do i have do complete some missions or do i have to be on some kind of level?

  2. I remember this glitch. I'm so surprised they haven't patched it yet.

  3. xiTz ReVeRsEx….xbox 360 I will give you guns please have a mic if you want to play for free

  4. TIP|… for leveling up FAST with millions of cash! To reach the max xp level 60 in Dead Island is pretty hard work. Level 59 to 60 is like 800.000 xp, which are 800 bottles of champagne. This is gonna take forever. The scientist who needs 5 suicider meats gives 2000 xp instead and you can skip his speech a lot faster. Suicider can be duplicated, which also takes forever cuz you need 5 suiciders instead of 1 champagne bottle. Suicider costs 1700 per piece which is really expensive so you need millions of cash. (Level 59 to 60 = 800x champagne or 2000x suicider)

    The quickest method to level up is that you need to be near level 50… and got to the salesman in the warehouse in Moresby or the salesman in the streets near the warehouse. One of these guys can sell you a Golden Single Shot Rifle which can cost about 170.000 or 250.000 cash. Buy one of these and upgrade it and modify it if you can. You can sell these guns for atleast 12.000 to 18.000 per piece. Do the duplication method with these guns so you can sell 18 Rifles at a time to generate millions of cash. Now you can buy the suiciders for the scientist… which is the quickest method to level up fast.

    The old fashion way is blowing up Rams near the Square in Moresby. Rams give you 8000 xp and there are a lot of them near the Square.

  5. how do you skip her dialogue? I could do it on the original game on PS3 but on PS4 i cant ever skip any of the dialogue except the main cutscenes when its displayed on the screen.

  6. Thanks for all the comments and questions guys hope y'all like the video if so like and sub thanks I'm getting close to my 50 sub milestone thanks so much

  7. ok load last check point first then dop the items you want to dup and kill yourself then load last check point

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