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Classic Game Room – SKY FIGHTER for PS3 review


Classic Game Room reviews SKY FIGHTER for Playstation 3 PS3 from TikCreat available for download from Playstation Network. Sky Fighter from Tik Creat has players flying World War II era airplanes, fighters and bombers against waves of enemies in this unique take on the tried and true 2D side scroller SHMUP shooter style gameplay.

Classic Game Room - SKY FIGHTER for PS3 review


  1. This reminds me of an online game I played called Dogfight 2 by Rocksolidarcade.  I'm really skeptical of pay to download games like this, they aren't very expensive compared to AAA titles, but I'm worried I will get carried away and buy hundreds of them.

  2. Looping, Wings of Fury, Jet Fighters… all examples of this kind of gameplay with planes and great games… thanks to this video I found out about Sky fighter and I'm gonna try it right now… ty 🙂

  3. @journeythroughhell

    Ehrem. you may want to delete the "By always having enough disk space" :3

  4. @Ascencio18L i think you download the full game unlock and the demo you should download the demo first then the full game unlock and you'll find it

  5. @officerbawden17 I know how you feel. Just a couple of weeks ago tho I broke down and finally just purchased a ps3. It's a lot of money but its worth it.

  6. I heard Multi 8 players, but can i play with a friend on the same screen with one PS3 ?
    Thank you

  7. Lol. I've rarely seen a review with so many comments pointing out how many games it's a clone of.

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