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choosing a XBOX 360 CONTROLLER for PC/XBOX 360!?


okay, i’m planning to buy a controller for my xbox 360 and my pc.


Any PROS and CONS?

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  1. I was told to get a wired controller for my PC which works fine, and I use a wireless one for my xbox which is also fine. I’ve got a battery charger and 4 rechargeable batteries on rotation, I’ve never had to buy new batteries for it and it’s been years.

  2. Go with wired. Wireless may seem cool and all, but they require a frequent change of battery, and the rumble/force feedback/vibrate isn’t as powerful or satisfying as the wired controller. The wired controller is also a lot lighter because it doesnt require batteries or a wireless sensor.

  3. I guess it depends on which you yourself actually prefer as I think everyone is different. I know the guy above me said wired is better, but I’m not choosy. We have a wireless and I use that and only when it starts to run low, which is conks out for a few seconds and you just hit the button in the middle to start her up again, then you plug in the cord and after a while its fine again. even when its charging its just like a normal wired controller anyway.

  4. The rapid fire mod that I did myself was the single button on the bottom of the controller. Installing the rapid fire mod myself with the single button was quite a challenge and I found it to be quite a pain in the A$% if you know what I mean.

    I wanted to Mod my other controller BUT I wanted something easy this time that did not require me to drill and use a soldering gun this time. I almost destroyed my controller the first time.

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