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CGR Undertow – STAR TREK: LEGACY review for Xbox 360


CGR Undertow - STAR TREK: LEGACY review for Xbox 360


  1. This is one of the few good Star Trek games. All the other one were trying to be gears of war third person shooters. We don't want that, we want space battles. Good job on this

  2. to play this game on pc without lag buy this laptop HP F125WM it is strong enough for high settings and Anti-Aliasing for the game

  3. would've loved it if it came out for ps3. Even thou ps3 is done, maybe ps4?! Either way probably the best star trek game ive ever played

  4. I dont even get where your coming from there is nothing wrong with the base version on PC and if your PC cant run this I think you should through your PC out even my windows 8.1 tablet could run it.

  5. I've got it for 360 it is my first star trek game it is AMAZING I really would recommend it. But now I got Xbox 360 and PS3 I wish they'd bring it out for PS3

  6. Starwarsfanboy101, STO has HORRIBLE starship combat, all focused on some bastardization of WoW and the stupid power trays. Don't insult people with this comment. 

  7. Easily one of the best console Star Trek gamers ever, but there are some aspects of it that really suck, and I hate that previously completed missions aren't replayable. I had to create entirely different profiles just so I could save at various points in the game and re-experience the TOS and TNG eras.

  8. That's not the problem with I have with him at all. PC gaming always has been and always will be superior to console gaming in every way. I just find his personality, voice, and inability to criticize anything very annoying. As far as being biased, he seems to only review games he really enjoys, thus all his reviews are rather biased. Not to mention anyone that praises HL2 as much as him has no clue what makes a good game.

  9. Ah isn't that just one of the best things that can happen to a game that you own…..ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ
    Go to PB! You have the actual game so no worries! And If you don't know what that "PB" stands for, here is a hint, it is short for a certain website name! Use your head meat you'll figure it out!

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